Frequently Asked Questions about the Whittier Area Prayer Summit

QUESTION: What is the purpose of the Prayer Summit?

ANSWER: The Whittier Area Prayer Summit calls all churches, pastors, church leaders and persons of faith and all people who believe in prayer to God to meet together for eleven hours of prayer for one another, for our community and for our nation. 

QUESTION: When is the Whittier Area Prayer Summit held?

ANSWER: We come together the second Saturday of February each year.

QUESTION: Who is the contact person for the Prayer Summit?

ANSWER: Dwight Sullivan is the contact for the Prayer Summit (562) 944-8909. You may also get a message to Dwight by using the contact form on the home page.

QUESTION: Is there a charge to participate in the Prayer Summit?

ANSWER: There is no charge to participate in the Prayer Summit. Come and join in prayer. 

QUESTION: Can I come and pray anytime during the Prayer Summit?


QUESTION: Is lunch served at the Prayer Summit?


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